Well good morning one and all and one and many and so on and and so forth and so fifth.  As this is typed it’s 8am on a beautiful crisp and clear morning here at Omaka Lodge.  Quite cool, somewhere between 7-9° apparently.  We’d be more precise but the weather apps on Scott’s iPhone aren’t able to form a consensus, and we don’t like to play favourites with them (although the Met Service one at least matches what the radio and TV say!).

With such cool temperatures, it’d be tempting, very tempting, soooooo tempting to stay in bed on a morning like this, but our guests come first, so we’ve been up since silly-o’clock getting breakfast ready for guests and doing laundry and ironing etc.  Consumer warning: coffee may have been involved in these processes, so if you’re pregnant or a young person, be careful reading this lest the coffee fumes leap out of the screen and affect you.  Now where we we…oh, that’s right, sipping a lovely cup of coffee that heft meer mmmmm.

Anyway, back to the coffee…uh job at hand: to give you all a blog update!  Yes that’s right, we’ve been painfully aware that it’s been a long time since our first blog, a time during which much had happened in our lives and, more importantly, in our Omaka Lodge love story (boy meets boy, love at first sight, two years pass, boys meet Omaka, love at first site).  So to cut a long story short (it would have been shorter, but, you know, coffee), we’ve been outside in the cool, crisp, inspiring air putting the finishing touches on our next blog post.  If this is the first blog post of ours that you’ve read, an important part of our lives is recording the evolution of our Omaka story, as we learn and grow and develop ourselves and our vision.

With so much happening over the past few months, we’ve only had time to complete one blog post, Pumpkin Cheesecake.  That post only took our story as far as seeing Omaka in a real estate agent’s window, so we’re well behind time.  But our next posts are written and are being finalised in this lovely cool air.  Yes, that’s right, posts, there are two almost ready to go!  And all for the price of one!!  (But no free steak knives sorry).  So keep an eye on your emails (if you subscribe) or Facebook (if you’re a Facebookist) or our the blog page on website this week!  But in order to finish the posts, we’d better get back to the keyboard and finish typing – see below for a live (in)action shot.  Now, where’s that jar of Moccona gone?

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